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Map of the three service areas within Town limits.

Water & Sanitation Departments

The Town of Granby is responsible for four water service areas: North Service Area (NSA), South Service Area (SSA), West Service Area (WSA), and Moraine Park (MP.) The Fraser and Colorado Rivers are used as rough dividing lines for the different service areas. Why so many? It's a complicated answer that boils down to water rights that dictate where, how, and how much water can be used.


North Service Area (NSA): located on and north of the Granby Bridge and east of Highway 34.

South Service Area (SSA): located south of the Granby Bridge. This is the only region where Town maintains both the water and sewer lines. 

West Service Area (WSA): located west of Highway 34.

Moraine Park (MP): while outside of town limits, the Town operates the water system for this neighborhood.


Sanitation responsibilities vary depending in which service area the property is located. 

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