Town Services

Bulk Water/Construction Water

Bulk water/construction water is now available at all hours and year-round. The fill station is located at the Street Shop at 550 E. Topaz. The meter has a credit card reader so users can pay as they go. Rates are $40.00 per 1,000 gallons used.

The Town does not supply any attachments or hoses to connect to the hydrant. Users will need to provide their own 2" quick connect. Connections are available for purchase at local hardware and plumbing supply stores. 


Hydrant meters are available on a case by case basis for approved companies. A Construction Water Agreement must be completed and submitted with a $2,100 deposit in order to obtain a meter. Use will be deducted from the deposit at the end of the season. Additional billing may apply. 


The taking of water from the RV Dump Station at Kaibab Park for uses other than recreational vehicles is considered water theft (per G.M.C. 2.70.270) and violators will be fined. 

 Bulk water station at the Town Shop.   Bulk water station payment feature

  Picture of the bulk water station and its payment feature.