Town Services

Liquor Licensing

Liquor license applications, checklists, rules, and State liquor code can be found on the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

The Town of Granby Municipal Liquor Code lists the local guidelines and regulations pertaining to liquor licensing. 

The State of Colorado is a dual licensing authority. All new liquor licenses and transfers must be approved by both the Town of Granby Liquor Licensing Authority in a public hearing and the Colorado Department of Revenue.  The Town Clerk approves all Special Events Permits except for ones that involve the Town Property. Any Special Event Permit occurring on Town property must be approved by the Local Licensing Authority. The Town Clerk also approves renewals.  The Town Clerk will assist you in processing your application and will forward your application and applicable fees to the Colorado Department of Revenue once the application is approved by the Town of Granby Liquor Licensing Authority.

Liquor License fees are payable to both the Town of Granby and the Colorado Department of Revenue. Contact the Town Clerk for current license fees.

Please allow at least two months for processing of a new liquor license or a transfer of license and one month for a special events liquor license.